Adaptations in African Hunter-gatherers

A collection of researchers have shown that African Hunter-gatherers have had selection act on genomic areas related to taste and smell, immune responses, breast milk, injury recovery and growth. The researchers, who also did the whole genome sequencing to test for a signal of Archaic Admixture (over here), used the data to test for signs … Continue reading Adaptations in African Hunter-gatherers

Prehistoric Love Affairs in Africa?

Could modern Africans be a hybrid of archaic humans and anatomically modern humans? A study from the collection of researchers from the US, Cameroon and Tanzania suggests so! The researchers performed whole genome sequencing on a group of hunter-gatherers from Africa- the Mbuti and Biaka Pygmies, the Hadza and Sandawe. Two Hadzabe men in Tanzania … Continue reading Prehistoric Love Affairs in Africa?

Ancient Ethiopian Genome

Compared to Europe, there are very few ancient genomes from Africa. One of the first full autosomes came from a 4500 year old Ethiopian who was very similar to the Ari people. The big difference is that he didn't have the Eurasian contribution that the Ari people have today.  His genome provides evidence for genetic … Continue reading Ancient Ethiopian Genome

The southern frontier of the Bantu expansion

The Ancestors of the Bantu-speaking people dispersed out of the Cameroon-Nigeria region 5000 years ago. This was a very important event in the history of Africa. The Bantu-speakers arrived in Southern Africa ~ 1200 years ago. Typically, when people have migrated, they encountered other people along the way and these encounters shape the culture and genetics … Continue reading The southern frontier of the Bantu expansion

Finding the Ancestry of the Malagasy People

Madagascar is an island country 400km off the coast of Southeast Africa. In addition to being a biodiversity hotspot, the island has some very interesting people. The first inhabitants of Madagascar were Austronesian sailors who arrived 2 400y ago from Borneo (Indonesia and Malaysia)!!   Here is a map of Southern Africa if you need … Continue reading Finding the Ancestry of the Malagasy People

Sex Biased Contribution to South African Coloured Ancestry

The #capetown #coloured community has been receiving much attention from #geneticists in the last few years because of the super interesting multi-way admixture. About 350 years ago European settlers arrived at the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa bringing with them slaves from Madagascar, west Africa, southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent. These populations … Continue reading Sex Biased Contribution to South African Coloured Ancestry

Ancient KwaZulu Natal DNA : Early KhoeSan and Bantu Farmers

The new study from the Schlebusch group in Uppsala working with University of Johannesburg and Wits from South Africa have estimated the divergence of the KhoeSan People from other groups of people to 260 000 years ago (or Kya), making it 100 000 years earlier than first thought. The group sequenced DNA from the ancient … Continue reading Ancient KwaZulu Natal DNA : Early KhoeSan and Bantu Farmers

The heritage of an Afrikaner

‘After three centuries of evolution the population structure of the Afrikaners is still far from stable, and there does not appear to be much prospect of its ever attaining uniformity. ... The numerous and often mutually contradictory genetic statements frequently made about them can consequently all be simultaneously true. The Afrikaner is a product of miscegenation, … Continue reading The heritage of an Afrikaner